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Where Do You Submit X,Y, And Z? (417 Views)
Posted by: Mythical Journeys (IP Logged)
Date: October 2, 2018 12:41PM

Hey Everyone!

There has been some confusion lately on where is the ideal location to place certain information you as a player want to get to cast/plot. We have placed the following guidelines all in one spot here in order to help everyone communicate between the light and dark side in the most effective way possible.

PEL Body:
What you did, but also things you liked and disliked.
-We don't always know what was a hit or a flop unless you tell us!
Character goals and hopes for the future.
-The goals section of your character card is nice, but isn't as easy to see and doesn't notify us if you update. Placing these in your PEL will make sure we know where you want to go so we can facilitate that in the best way we can.

PEL sub-sections (please leave these blank if you did not have a related experience):
Spell/Skill lessons
Ritual participation (only if you joined the ritual "I enter into this place to take part in this ritual")
***These subsections are EXTREMELY important. Even if you don't get your PEL in on time, submitting one with these sections filled is important for any character advancement.***

Letters to Cast:
Sacrifice Confirmations (if you're contributing to a group prayer)
Dreams (even ones sent to other PCs)
Plot Suggestions
Letters to any NPC
Other plot related concerns
***If you are submitting a prayer with another person, only one person needs to submit the body. The other(s) only need to confirm they are saying the prayer and any sacrifices they are offering.***

Help Requests:
Character Updates
Bank Transfers
Crafting/Magic Item creation
Other Logistics based concerns

Any interaction you think needs to be noted by management, good, bad, or neutral.

Couriered Messages to Cast (Private Messages):
This should only be for OOG messages. Cast is not allowed to forward plot between games. The person playing the NPC you are trying to contact may not be involved in the writing of the plot/information you, so please use Letters to Cast.

BoNK requests:
In order to help keep us organized, please submit all requests for between game Bank Transfers as a Help Request. If you need to let an NPC know that money is being sent, you still need to submit a Letter to Cast, but we'll only do the actual transfer after receiving a Help Request.

Communicating TO the BoNK = Help Request

Communicating about the BoNK to other NPC's = Letter to Cast

Couriers sent via Letters to Cast:

All couriered messages sent via online Letters to Cast cost the same amount as missives sent during the event. You can submit your messages online, and the following event a courier will collect your payment. If you have any unpaid debt to the couriers' guild, no future missives will be sent by them on your behalf (and eventually they may refuse to deliver messages to you as well).

In addition, if you are sending a letter through the couriers guild, you must give them enough info to deliver it. A letter sent to "my sister Lyra" isn't going to help the couriers guild, even if we as PLOT TEAM know, it will just be marked undeliverable. "Lyra YOURLASTNAME in Arkenstone city" is enough that they can pry figure it out.

You may also need to wait longer for responses from a character that lives in a remote location or who is difficult for the guild to find. Remember that the guild has to track down this person, deliver the letter, the recipient then has to pen a response, find another courier, and send it back out. We do take these things into consideration, as well as if the person you are writing to would bother to answer. The Archluminary isn't likely to respond to Joe Farmer from nowhere, Pendaan.

If you have any further questions on where specific things should be posted, please let us know and we will let you know and try to update this as needed.

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