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Legit Hypothermia Caution For This Weekend! (239 Views)
Posted by: Endre P (IP Logged)
Date: October 12, 2018 12:14PM

Hey all,

I know this is late but it just struck me as I once again looked at the weather.

Tomorrow night will have a low of mid 30's. This is a solid 30 to almost 40 degree difference from what we're used to right now.

That's a big enough difference to shock your body and have you experience extreme cold symptoms. So, no need to freak out or anything but please pack your warmest layers and thermals and definitely bring an extra blanket or a heavier sleeping bag than you might normally consider if you're in a cabin.

You might decide you don't need them, but it is much safer to have them available than to put yourself in a bad situation.

See you all soon!


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New Messages! Legit Hypothermia Caution For This Weekend! (239 Views) Endre P 10/12/18 12:14PM

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