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Lost "ig" Book About Paper (280 Views)
Posted by: Emily T (IP Logged)
Date: October 19, 2018 01:16PM

Hello, if anyone found a tannish suede covered book on "the history of papyrus" can they please let Jessica Berner/Tana know asap? While it might appear this is an IG item as it discusses IG material, it is NOT a stickered item and therefore not stealable.

No worries if you didn't know that, again it does very much look like an IG item so honest mistakes are honest... but Jess wants her book back please


(Posting for Jess from the free side of the office firewall)


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New Messages! Lost "ig" Book About Paper (280 Views) Emily T 10/19/18 01:16PM
      Re: Lost "ig" Book About Paper (88 Views) Jason H 10/20/18 12:10PM
      Re: Lost "ig" Book About Paper (95 Views) Jess B 10/20/18 02:18PM

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