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No Tecca (194 Views)
Posted by: Cassandra D (IP Logged)
Date: November 2, 2018 01:11PM

I know it is very last minute but I have been trying to convince myself I could make it. I had to accept I am in no shape to go anywhere. I am extremely sorry for letting down everyone that was counting on me but believe me you don’t want Halloween fx on your garb that aren’t special effects plus I don’t want to be a plague carrier. Drink and kill things for Tecca.


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New Messages! No Tecca (194 Views) Cassandra D 11/02/18 01:11PM
      Re: No Tecca (66 Views) Allison K 11/02/18 03:50PM
      Re: No Tecca (68 Views) Laurie E 11/04/18 09:48PM

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