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Yellow Sticker Items (121 Views)
Posted by: Mythical Journeys (IP Logged)
Date: February 25, 2019 02:40PM

Hello all,

As we close in on the Spring season, you will likely take inventory of your items for game.

If you have picked up a weapon, trinket, bobble, box or anything that is not an IG component (animal, mineral, plant, gem, etc) please check them over for a yellow sticker .

If it is an item that is suppose to have some IG value or significance, it will (or should) have a yellow sticker. Sometimes these also have alpha-numeric codes written on them as well.

If you have one of these items, please make sure you are going through the Checkout Line after game (or are checking them out when leaving before the event ends).

When going through your things, if you discover an item that you think should have a yellow sticker, or you realize you have a yellow sticker item and have never been through checkout please open a Help Request with a description of the item.


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