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Possibly Stuck In Nj (100 Views)
Posted by: Laurie E (IP Logged)
Date: April 8, 2019 02:20PM

My car may have just bit the dust completely. Prognosis not great. I'm looking for a back-up plan if I can't drive.

I'm in Princeton, NJ. Anyone going this way or driving from the NJ/NY/NYC area I could possibly sync up with?

Please PM me if you might be willing to give a half-elf a much-needed break. And no, I promise the Mummy's Curse is not contagious.

Thank you in advance---


Zahthénaïs Tzoerne
House Tzoerne // Scrivener & Diviner Mercantile


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New Messages! Possibly Stuck In Nj (100 Views) Laurie E 04/08/19 02:20PM

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