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Friendly Set Up And Clean Up Reminder (120 Views)
Posted by: Jeff H (IP Logged)
Date: April 9, 2019 01:20PM

Hello MJ family!

We are closing in on Spring 2!

Here is your reminder that we always appreciate any and all help you're willing to give for set up and clean up.

We can bribe you! Beyond the fun camaraderie of working with your friends to do a good thing, and getting to wander around the site without fear of being eaten by fiends.

For Set-up:

Setup begins as close to noon on Friday as possible. As much as we appreciate that you may be super eager to help- Please do not arrive earlier than noon (12:00 pm).

Anyone able to come and put in at least 1 hour of work before 2pm (and actually remembers to Sign in!) gets a goody bag. This is on top of all the normal points you get for help with setup. (We will have your goody bag available at check-in for the NEXT event.)

When you arrive on-site, please check in at the Plot Center. The current task will be posted on the chalk board; otherwise please see Chris Caisse, or Sabrina Hyland to see where you can best be used at that time.

For Clean up:

If you stay for the first 2 hours of clean up and complete at least one major job (e.g. help in the plot center for 1+ hours) or two minor ones (e.g. pick up trash and trail lights from 2+ areas), you will get a goody bag.

If you're able to stay until 'click' (i.e. the bitter end), you will get a pull from the "other" goody bag (again, goody bags will be available at check-in for the NEXT event).

Goody bags contain such wondrous things as IG resources, potions, charms, etc. For more details, well, you'll have to come help out, or ask some of the people who got goody bags last time! (If you are cast, you get extra UP for use in the Cast Store, or to trade with players for making you costuming, etc.)

These extra UP and goodies are, of course, in addition to all the normal setup/cleanup points.

Thanks to everyone able to help out even a little bit. We can't make this game happen without you.

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

-Chris and Sabrina

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