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Today in Eldyrwood is the 29th Day of the Silent Moon, 514th Harvest A.L.


First thing Saturday morning, I ran to the pavilion when we heard a scream. I arrived to see Paul, as the governor, hung to death. wow!!
...Let me conclude by saying that we all had a really great time at this MJ event. The plots were intricate and complex, there was a lot of action, and we all couldn't wait for the next thing to happen. MJ is what many other live action games should be and aren't. Congratulations on putting together such a professional organization in such a short amount of time. MJ is better after three events than many other games that have been around for years. Keep up the good work
Fantastic event, really a solid production, the events get better and better...I love the great interplay from the NPC's, and the fantastic players. Even if your not involved in a plotline there is always something to do all over the town. The depth of adventure at MJ is staggering.
After a Mythical Journeys event I am usually so brain-numb from the number of sensations and amount of information that I was bombarded with that I have to think over my experiences at the event, to re-live them in my mind...
I would like to add a final note here to let you all know what a great event this was. On a purely personal level, it was incredibly rewarding on many levels: the camaraderie and fellowship of the rangers is increasing with each event; we feel as if we are going somewhere that we have a mission, goals, objectives, motivations, etc; the role-playing was excellent among PC and NPC alike.

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Fall 2014

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