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Today in Eldyrwood is the 24th Day of the Rain Moon, 514th Harvest A.L.


The sheer size and girth of the Giant-kin made me jump back and pinch myself the first time I saw one. I was truely amazed. For a while I really felt like I was in another world in grave danger!!!!!
You guys are doing great. You continue to prove to me how much you care about you players with the continous streamlining and clarification of the rules.
Through various plots and interactions. I was heartened to see how much you care about this game; and how much it meant that I had a good time.
MJ is awesome, and that's your fault.
You guys rock! This is so much fun. You all put in so much work and probably don't get thanked enough. I was always impressed as a player by how smoothly things ran, and how creative and imaginative MJ is. After having casted for sunday I have found even more respect for all you do. Thank you for all your hard work.

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