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Today in Eldyrwood is the 24th Day of the Lovers' Moon, 516th Harvest A.L.


First thing Saturday morning, I ran to the pavilion when we heard a scream. I arrived to see Paul, as the governor, hung to death. wow!!
I can honestly say that this was one of, if not THE best event, I have ever been to in all the years I have been coming to MJ. Outstanding job, guys!! Thanks!
This was a good event. I applaud the effort to shake up the same old formula with a change in the pacing of the fights.
...I just gotta tell you (as if you haven't already heard it) You've got a great thing goin here. Yer events are something I look forward to from the time the previous one ends. It's just an overall good time. You've got good people runnin it, an AMAZING cast, plot coordination beyond belief, and all bases covered for everything anyone could ever want to do...
For my first event, I thought the rules that I actually dealt with were great. This was one of my best LARP experiences. I thought evryone was friendly and we were sought out for a new player module. These are the things that make gaming fun, when you are made to feel like you are a part of something.

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