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Today in Eldyrwood is the 22nd Day of the Harvest Moon, 514th Harvest A.L.


I was very impressed with the dedication to roleplaying that everyone demonstrated. No matter who I talked to, everyone had a story to tell. I definitely got the sense that there was a character motivation for what everyone did. Way to go!
This was my first time at MJ and my first time LARPing. I was very nervous at first but though the kindness of everyone around me I began to feel confident and by the end of the event I was able to really enjoy myself and I had such a blast!
It's hard to just pick one when you see all the cast working their butts off to help keep you entertained. From solid fights, to intense or just silly rp, and especially the support roles of Fate and Admin- the cast at MJ works hard, and it really showed in all aspects of the game this event!
...I just gotta tell you (as if you haven't already heard it) You've got a great thing goin here. Yer events are something I look forward to from the time the previous one ends. It's just an overall good time. You've got good people runnin it, an AMAZING cast, plot coordination beyond belief, and all bases covered for everything anyone could ever want to do...
Mythical Journeys has now become the ideal against which all of my previous LARPing experiences have been measured. I have played a number of games including many years of [Larp Game] , a [Larp Game] event and a number of [Larp Game] events in 1998 and 1999, which until this past weekend, had been the best of my LARP experiences. Three days in Massachusetts, snow and all, took my gaming experiences to a whole new level. Attention to detail was great. Costuming was great. The props were great. The NPC's were great. The PC's were great...Yeah, the weather made things a little tough, but I had more activity in one day of cold, wet, muddy, snowy game play than I did in entire weekends at other games. Thanks for presenting a LARPer who had considered retiring, with a game that has rejuvenated my interest in donning my armor.

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