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Today in Eldyrwood is the 1st Day of the Lightning Moon, 514th Harvest A.L.


I would like to say that this event was one of the best I have ever had at MJ. Friday night was the most amazing experience, definitely an 11 out of 10. All of you went above and beyond the call of duty guys, thanks a lot...Even the things I heard after the event...impressed me to no end. Awesome job folks.
This was a tremendous event. If it were only the good weather, it may still have been the best event of the season. However, the plot and events were so good, it would have still been the best even if it had been cold/rainy/snowy/fire and brimstone, etc.
I really am impressed...I like the game most because there always seemed to be alot to do.
they did an AMAZING job! they made sure that the new players had plots that we could handle, as well as making sure we had alot of fun roleplay at the same time. when they knew they were fighting new players they made sure to make their in-game and real world skills match our own so we werent romped into the dirt, but still had a good challenge.
All of you do an unbelievable job, and there can't be enough said about the amount of energy you all put into your roles. Greg, and everyone else who ran the great chicken rescue, great job....

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Event Schedule

Fall 2014

  • August 29th - August 31st - Weekend Event - PLACEHOLDER - NOT FINAL DATES 
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