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Today in Eldyrwood is the 31st Day of the Planters' Moon, 515th Harvest A.L.


Before I begin - thank you very much for personal plot. Although the character hates it, I love it and very much appreciate what you did. I understand that I usurped a major staff member for all of Friday night, and I am very grateful that the game is willing to do that for its players.
I had an incredable time... I cant wait to come back.
Final Battle! MINT! MINT! OMG! How EXCELLENT! I was COVERED in bandages! It was excellent, cudos to all the NPC's who had no problem running through the water and muck. 2 Thumbs UP! *beam!*
Girl Under The Rock soaked with god-knows-what that looked like blood, covered in green makeup, screaming until my ears nearly blead, and suffering all our dumb ideas and question/attempts to free you. Your my hero.
All of the Cast at MJ does a great job...all of the orgainization you have behind the scenes really shows through...

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