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Today in Eldyrwood is the 17th Day of the Rain Moon, 514th Harvest A.L.


The balance between RP and fighting is perfect, there's never a point where I feel I 'have' to fight or I'll have nothing else to do. There's plenty of both going on all the time, so players can choose how to spend their events.
This was my first time at MJ and my first time LARPing. I was very nervous at first but though the kindness of everyone around me I began to feel confident and by the end of the event I was able to really enjoy myself and I had such a blast!
It felt so immersed into the world while playing the game. This was the largest, best rped game Ive been to. Walking around not even being sure who were pcs, npcs, but I figured out, it dident even matter, as everyone had a purpose to the town.
The yeti costumes were GREAT and the timing of there appearance was good with the snow everywhere
WOW!!! Another great event. Thank you for creating such a ripe venue for entertainment opportunity!!!

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