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Today in Eldyrwood is the 1st Day of the Blood Moon, 514th Harvest A.L.


Girl Under The Rock soaked with god-knows-what that looked like blood, covered in green makeup, screaming until my ears nearly blead, and suffering all our dumb ideas and question/attempts to free you. Your my hero.
Module building kobold caves were awesome and very well put together, bravo to the designers.
I just want to express again what a great job I thought everyone involved with running this event did. Thanks for a great weekend.
Plot writers: My gosh, you must have been busy over the winter! Almost everyone in my core group of friends had something specific happen for their character, and it was great. The mere fact that you are reading and re-reading character histories, and filling them in, bringing details out in game, is just outstanding. Bravo!
Two words can explain this event, "Flawless Victory."...This event had so many twists and turns in it I was intrigued by the plot. Great Job.

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