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Today in Beacon's Rise is the 15th Day of the Silent Moon, 204th Harvest A.S.

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The moon watched silently from above as the cool Autumn wind enticed the leaves to dance. It was harvest time again, and the Festival of Fools was bustling in the town of Freehold. People are dancing! Singers and musicians are entertaining! This was a time for fun! A time for excitement! So why were you assigned to patrol the Twilight Wood tonight?

It was just your luck to be one of the "lucky six" as Sheriff Brock called you. The Sheriff was a stearn man and the word ’no’ was not in his vocabulary, regardless of how limited it was.

It was then that your thoughts drifted to the warmth and friendly atmosphere of the local tavern. It wasn’t too long ago that you and your friends were drinking ale and breaking bread amidst the bustle of the busy establishment. It was hard to believe just how full the Inn had become so early in the evening.There were people everywhere in the town. Some were merchants here to sell their wares. Some were patrons merely here to enjoy the festivities. And others...

Well, let’s just say not everyone who comes to the Festival of Fools comes with the best of intentions. There would always be the rogues who would prey upon the unwary. Spies looking to further the interests of their government. Who knows what other "dark folk" may be skulking amongst the innocent.

It was the distant cracking of a branch that brought you suddenly back to reality. There was movement in the woods off to the right. Your sword at the ready you begin to wonder. Could the noise be a hungry troll? A pack of blood-thirsty gnolls? The thought of the troll shredding you was pleasant in comparison to what would happen if the sadistic gnolls captured you. Hours of excruciating torture until they become bored... then they finish you off as painfully as possible...

What did the darkness have in store for our hero? Was it certain doom or just an overactive imagination? It appears our hero has a fear of dying at the hands of gnolls. What do you think he would have done if it were a pack of gnolls in the shadows? Panic? Run? Fight? What if you could be that hero! What if you could be the one to decide what you would do in the face of danger?

If you are tired of watching movies, reading books, or playing tabletop role-playing games, then we have an experience for you! Mythical Journeys puts you into the action! Face off against the dark denizens of the forest: trolls, gnolls, kobolds, goblins, orks, skeletons, zombies, or any number vile creatures! Explore a vast wood filled with forgotten dungeons, lost caverns, and forbidden tombs! Uphold justice as a member of the Guard! Immerse yourself in a world of political intrigue complete with spies, lies, and subterfuge! Walk in the dangerous and shadowy world of rogues and assassins!

Your options are nearly as limitless as your imagination as you participate in our weekend-long (three days) "campaign-style" adventures. Campaign-style adventures are open ended storylines. This means your character can do whatever they want to do! Get involved with hundreds of different ongoing adventures during an event. Meet new friends. Tell tales at the tavern. Hunt monsters in the depths of the Twilight Wood. Follow a treasure map. These are to name just a few of countless possibilities. Once again, do not be afraid to use your ingenuity to travel down paths we had not anticipated. Your initiative and actions help to shape our game world and create new plotlines!

Going from reading this web site to actually playing Mythical Journeys isn’t very far off. This web site contains all the information you will need to participate: event schedule, directions, contact information for staff and players, role-playing tips, costume ideas, online rulebook, message board, and many other things to give you all the details about the game. If you need any help or have any questions, please do not be afraid to contact us. Customer service is priority on our list so expect a speedy reply and the best answer possible to your inquiry.

From here, we encourage you to explore every corner of this web site. Get involved with what goes on at Mythical Journeys via our message board or IRC sessions. We are looking forward to meeting you and guiding you along your many Mythical Journeys to adventure.

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