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Today in Eldyrwood is the 8th Day of the Dark Moon, 521st Harvest A.L.


To have recieved that plot which was for all the Embrannas yet my small piece of it seemed tailored perfectly for me was amazing. It lets me know that the staff has noticed my effort. That the staff is thinking along the same line as I am. That somebody out there gets what I'm really doing. It's fantastic. It's why I larp. Not to gain power or items. Not to be the most powerful. It's for the journey. MJ has made it an amazing to me.
undead- U guys are awsome....some undead do a bad job rping undead, but you guys were slow and just on the dot with it, thank you!
...I just have to say this was the best MJ event i have ever attended...
Oh my godness, where do I start? This was an incredible event. I was challenged by my personal plot as well as the circumstances of the world.
Seeing Lenora brought me back to my childhood, when I remembered the fear of seeing Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty and Bavmorda in Willow...

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