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Today in Eldyrwood is the 12th Day of the Lightning Moon, 520th Harvest A.L.


This is in the top 5 of LARP events I have ever been too. And I have been playing LARP's since early 1990 (maybe 89 cant remember) With the weather conditions as they were..they action and roleplaying were non-stop. The cast were absolutely incredible, and the owners put together one hell of a weekend plot. Thank you all!
Hi guys! I wanted to send off a quick PEL from last game. I am still STUNNED by everything that happened. Absolutely wonderful. I really take my hats of to you guys for having the gall to invoke such potentially major changes to the world you have created. Time and again my biggest compliment to your game is that it is so unrestricted. You guys really empower creative players with real ways to change even major areas in your game. I like knowing that anything can and probably WILL happen.
This was the best larp event I've ever attended! Those adept at stealth had the opportunity to use it. Those who wanted to fight could do as much as they dared.
Highlights? For me finding out all there was to DO! Consider that I paid real world money to sit... in the freezing rain... in a cloak standing guard over some arguing clerics... and I loved it!
As always you guys go out of your way to make the games as interesting and enjoyable as possible.

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