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Today in Eldyrwood is the 18th Day of the Lightning Moon, 518th Harvest A.L.


I experienced such an abundance of amazing roleplay from faces that I have almost never seen before! The new guys have stepped up their game when it comes to roleplay. Nicely done!
This event was incredible. Though the weather was freezing and there was a ton of snow on the ground the nonstop action was amazing. The cast did a wonderful job! You guys are the best!!!
this was great.... best larp I've been to.
This is in the top 5 of LARP events I have ever been too. And I have been playing LARP's since early 1990 (maybe 89 cant remember) With the weather conditions as they were..they action and roleplaying were non-stop. The cast were absolutely incredible, and the owners put together one hell of a weekend plot. Thank you all!
Kudos on the terror factor...

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