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Today in Eldyrwood is the 20th Day of the Ice Moon, 521st Harvest A.L.


It was a great event! I got everything accomplished that I could hope for! I am pleased!
Every event just gets better and better. I get more involved in things and just get more and more excited both about the things that happen and for the next event and the possibilities of more plots directly involving me in some way.....aghghg, so exciting.
Well this event was my favorite. I was on a role-playing high for sometime afterward. Following around the female shadow was pretty good, but the battles that night were amazing.
There were a ton of you [Cast] this event, and I can imagine that dealing with a massive number of players was tough, but hot damn you guys rocked. Like the battle with the Queen soldiers on Sunday, now that was some awesome stuff...
...I prefer the "virtual reality" of this game. There are no confusing spells or damage calls in combat. I never once heard a hold or a clarify in combat. It was all about really playing your role. If I want to be a great fighter, I had better learn to hit the monsters more often. If I want to be a stealthy ranger, I had better learn to walk quietly, and learn how to hide. If I want to be a assassin, I need to get better at slipping M&M's in people's drinks without anyone seeing. I think it is so much easier and cooler to have a completely realistic fantasy world, that you come out, and interact with. Not a "game", where you have to know a million complex rules. I really enjoyed the free flow of this game. It was really enjoyable, and very easy for new players to understand.

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