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Today in Eldyrwood is the 15th Day of the Blood Moon, 521st Harvest A.L.


I adore that you don't skimp on the snacks, and don't hassle the cast, and are generally laid back. The caliber of the higher-ups just blew my mind. They were very friendly and approachable, and clearly dedicated to making sure people were having a good time. I respect that and them a lot.
This moon was most hectic, but in an enjoyable fashion....
Wow, there certainly was a lot of action this weekend. The waves upon waves of cultists on Satyrsday was certainly a highlight. This being my first event, its hard to pin down particular events other than the semingly non-stop battles that ravaged us the entire weekend. It was an unbelievable experience and i cannot wait until the next event. I'm still looking behind my back.
Working with other new-bees was helpful just because we were all in the same boat, but we learned from each others' mistakes and got better. Not to mention great advice that we got from the advanced players like Roc and some others.
The event was awesome. You guys did a great job :) I canít wait for the next one.

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