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Today in Eldyrwood is the 19th Day of the Frost Moon, 517th Harvest A.L.


One highlight for me was running Brinn's auction which was alot of fun. Even when we got attacked by undead. I ran my butt off in the woods..alone...with no light. My heart was pounding. I was afraid! Then I realized "This is only a game!" That was awesome.
I had an incredable time... I cant wait to come back.
The event was great from start to finish. I had fun every day, even Sunday morning. I especially appreciate being treated well by the game owners and staff, and can't thank you enough. (This isn't the case at many Larp's!!)
I had to be convinced and practically bribed to come to this, my first event, and now I'll have to me bound to a tree in order to be kept away. Yes, I had that great a time.
I thought that this was a particularly exciting and action-packed event. There were one, or two slow points, but overall I felt this to be a superior event and many of the others I have talked to feel the same way. I cannot emphasize enough how much action there was at this event. It seemed that every day had its share of wurld-altering events. This made the event one of the most exciting of those I can remember.

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