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Today in Eldyrwood is the 25th Day of the Storm Moon, 521st Harvest A.L.


Great event all. I am glad to come back to the best LARP out there.
I want to give a giant kudos to the cast of MJ for staying true to the randomness of encounters. Myself and a few other [players] were resting in [our cabin], when we heard a bunch of orcs coming out of the woods...we all stayed quiet… Then, a group of Chukani worshippers came into High Town. Instead of all the cast people breaking character … the orcs, who are trying to reclaim Freehold/Bloodmoon, protected their "home." Those of us hiding in the cabin were greatly amused by the fight between the Chukani-ites and the Orcs...but it also adds to the realism of the Wurld.
hoo-hah. This was fun. Good players great Cast. The Blue flame quest was a neat idea.The wayward was sweet.
Had a very fun time over all. I met a lot of people tried a lot of new things, I feel i will defiantly be more prepared for the next event. Great plots, good fights....
Once again, the event was awesome! I had many opportunities to further my character.

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