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Today in Beacon's Rise is the 19th Day of the Rose Moon, 204th Harvest A.S.


Great job by all of the cast especially with a large group of new players. Also the 3 fiends on my sunday morning adventure. Amazing i have not sweat like that in a while. Great energy in all of my combat this weekend. Thank you
they did an AMAZING job! they made sure that the new players had plots that we could handle, as well as making sure we had alot of fun roleplay at the same time. when they knew they were fighting new players they made sure to make their in-game and real world skills match our own so we werent romped into the dirt, but still had a good challenge.
I had an amazing time this weekend, and I cannot wait until the next one. Just about everything went smoothly, all the fighting was very safe, and everyone seemed to be very welcoming to a new player.
You guys make the game worth coming back to every month. Thanks for all that you do to make the woods as fun as they are.
Well this was my first MJ event, and I have to say I was VERY impressed with the organization, LACK of downtime, and finding out that after a 3 year break from LARP'ing I can still swing a sword and hold my own.

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