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Today in Beacon's Rise is the 21st Day of the Harvest Moon, 203rd Harvest A.S.


I think it is very indicative of the depth of role-playing and the complexity of the society and economy in MJ that someone like me who doesn't fight, doesn't explore, and doesn't adventure had virtually no free time at all on Saturday until well after nightfall.
An absolutely great game, awesome fighting, lots of tremendous RP experiences, the little module was a blast. One of the best MJ weekends I’ve ever had...
amazing event, i think the best ever...
Before I begin - thank you very much for personal plot. Although the character hates it, I love it and very much appreciate what you did. I understand that I usurped a major staff member for all of Friday night, and I am very grateful that the game is willing to do that for its players.
This was a very cool event. I think the whole Thurgos plot was amazing.

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