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Today in Eldyrwood is the 23rd Day of the Ice Moon, 518th Harvest A.L.


Wow, fogmachines and death. Gates opening up everywhere. Wow. Awsome. This was the most amazing MJ for me yet.
Hi guys! I wanted to send off a quick PEL from last game. I am still STUNNED by everything that happened. Absolutely wonderful. I really take my hats of to you guys for having the gall to invoke such potentially major changes to the world you have created. Time and again my biggest compliment to your game is that it is so unrestricted. You guys really empower creative players with real ways to change even major areas in your game. I like knowing that anything can and probably WILL happen.
I really liked the old Gypsy in the woods, she gave the new town a kind of creepy feel even before we got there.
...Every time I come to an event I'm blown away, not just by the volume and following that MJ enjoys, but with the way everyone plays their characters.
we all got split up by monsters that gated in, and after we where diplaced we united together and overcame our obsticles with other town members we are not with all the time. nice to see everyone help eachother

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