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Today in Eldyrwood is the 20th Day of the Rose Moon, 521st Harvest A.L.


The atmosphere was great, the people were nice, the music was good, and great food. [reference to the Wayward Tavern]
Wow, you guys have done a lot with this game… this was my best MJ event ever. A lot of the hidden systems are fleshed out, there is more consistency and logic when NPCs enter/leave town… And I was truly amazed at the amount of recycling you guys did this event. You must have sweated hundreds of gallons of water/Gatorade during the Big Battles alone! Great job!
Wow - you guys are really into making this a better; more robust game! I love it!
All in all it was the best MJ event I ever had! Afterwards we all felt puissant and effectual.
...this was my first adventure in the town of Freehold. Even though this was my first, I was greatly impressed with the depth of everything that was done for this. Though there is one prob., if it is one, I'm now addicted to Mythical Journeys. Every one there was great, the veteran players were great, the missions were excellent, and I found my self sore, but happy. The staff did a GREAT job with everything. The ladys at the Inn did a great job with what they did, thanks guys!!! I could say more, but I would be rambaling, so, I will cut this short. Thanks to all how had built this...

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