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Today in Beacon's Rise is the 15th Day of the Silent Moon, 204th Harvest A.S.


As a long-time game designer, I am very opinionated on this. :-) Let me FIRST say that your system was GREAT and resolved MANY (MOST?) of the worst problems I have encountered.
The attack on my cabin by wights was the most memorable. I've never been so honestly scared witless at an event. It was like a scripted movie! Good job all around!
this was my first event and i loved every minute of it...
What a blast!!! Lots of adventure to be had at all times. And the creativity that goes into the NPC's and modules...WOW! The MJ experience is a great combination of roleplaying interactive theatre & hack &slash. There is so much depth and variety to the game that every character class has something to pursue.
This was the first event I felt overwhelmed by creatures. It was a scary but great feeling to know that MJ can outfit and coodernate the cast. Hats off to you all!!!

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