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Today in Eldyrwood is the 20th Day of the Ice Moon, 521st Harvest A.L.


Saturday night was incredible, everyone was on edge
Combat was challenging but safe and definitely enjoyable. I had some encounters and opponents that were easily defeated, some that were a challenge, and some that just rolled right over me. It was perfect.
It felt so immersed into the world while playing the game. This was the largest, best rped game Ive been to. Walking around not even being sure who were pcs, npcs, but I figured out, it dident even matter, as everyone had a purpose to the town.
There are some seriously talented people running the show, and after experiencing/hearing about other LARPs, Iíve come to one important conclusion: MJ or bust!
I'd like to thank the Cast right off in there professionalism, I have been LARPing for 11 years and this is the tops as far as I am concerned. The players were a blast, plenty of that old school bravado added to my "newbie" fire.

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