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Today in Beacon's Rise is the 19th Day of the Rose Moon, 204th Harvest A.S.


I was a new cast member and I came with my wife. As soon as we walked through the door we were greeted by friendly faces and excited cast members. We immediately felt at home. The first night was a challenge because not only were we new but we were also a bit scared. Coming to MJ was definately stepping out of our comfort zones.... We had a blast. We did everything from terrorizing pumpkins as zombies, jumping out of closets dressed as bats, to going on a religious pilgrimage to seek knowledge of each religion. It was fun, safe, exciting, and challenging.
...this event was my best ever!!!!!!!!
As a long-time game designer, I am very opinionated on this. :-) Let me FIRST say that your system was GREAT and resolved MANY (MOST?) of the worst problems I have encountered.
What a great event!!! Going through the portal was really cool and scary!
Once again, the event was awesome! I had many opportunities to further my character.

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