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Today in Eldyrwood is the 13th Day of the Frost Moon, 519th Harvest A.L.


What I loved most about the event was the openess of people to talk. No matter who I talked to, they were willing to entertain me with some story, anecdote or piece of advice. This made roleplaying my character a lot of fun.
another quality event BRAVO to the cast
...This was my favorite event to date. You guys are amazing. I don't know how you all do it, but keep it up. I was on my feet and doing things this entire event. And I don't mean fighting, I was interacting with people, walking through the woods, looking for treasure, dancing in the tavern. I did it all, and loved it. Thanks. Can't wait for the next event.
I have never seen freakier looking zombies than the ones at this event. The way you all moved in that unnatural way sent a chill down my spine.
What I love about MJ is its ability to place humor into almost any situation. You need comedy relief sometimes (especially when the Stormtroopers come to the Iceplanet Hoth and...er...I mean when the Queen comes to town and you've got no spells left..).

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Spring 2020

  • January 31st - February 2nd - Weekend Event - PLACE HOLDER EVENT- NOT AN ACTUAL DATE 
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