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Today in Eldyrwood is the 6th Day of the Rose Moon, 520th Harvest A.L.


Good roleplaying. Since I left and came back; it's like someone dropped a roleplaying bomb up in here. It's all been taken to the next level. Ditto for costuming. Hah freakin' zah.
Through various plots and interactions. I was heartened to see how much you care about this game; and how much it meant that I had a good time.
This event rocked. I loved it. Right from the beginning it was intense.
this event was the best one i have ever had, and that says alot if you read my old PEL's. Each event just keeps getting better and better, I love it, Good Job Everyone! :)
Oh my godness, where do I start? This was an incredible event. I was challenged by my personal plot as well as the circumstances of the world.

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