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Today in Eldyrwood is the 16th Day of the Silent Moon, 518th Harvest A.L.


I thought that this was a particularly exciting and action-packed event. There were one, or two slow points, but overall I felt this to be a superior event and many of the others I have talked to feel the same way. I cannot emphasize enough how much action there was at this event. It seemed that every day had its share of wurld-altering events. This made the event one of the most exciting of those I can remember.
This event was truly pulled off beautifully.
we all got split up by monsters that gated in, and after we where diplaced we united together and overcame our obsticles with other town members we are not with all the time. nice to see everyone help eachother
Standing there I was about 20 feet away from this being before I fled for my life. I don't think I have ever been that scared(or ran that fast)!!
I had no idea they could cram so much stuff in one event, but leave it up to the MJ guys to pull it off!

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