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Today in Eldyrwood is the 21st Day of the Harvest Moon, 520th Harvest A.L.


This event was a lot of fun. There was never a dull moment since i think the longest break there was between fights was about an hour at best. I've never been this tired before.
My first LARPing experience with you was a blast and I had a wonderful time. Keep up the good work.
I loved it [the event]. The goddess that was brought down and how the whole plot was handled was very exciting and full of twists right from the beginning.
The undead attack on Sat. was also very well handled. We must have killed over 100 undead. They just kept coming, it built a real feeling of hopelessness and desperation. Plus it helped me live out some of my Romero fantasies.
To have recieved that plot which was for all the Embrannas yet my small piece of it seemed tailored perfectly for me was amazing. It lets me know that the staff has noticed my effort. That the staff is thinking along the same line as I am. That somebody out there gets what I'm really doing. It's fantastic. It's why I larp. Not to gain power or items. Not to be the most powerful. It's for the journey. MJ has made it an amazing to me.

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