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Today in Eldyrwood is the 26th Day of the Silent Moon, 521st Harvest A.L.


The encounter with the Banshee on Saturday Night was the scariest moment my character has ever seen. Hearing the dreaded voice get louder and louder as this glowing, screaming thing is literally chasing you sent chills down my spine. Both IG and OOG I was scared. That's what I look for in a LARP! Kudos to whoever created that character.
So many people, such wonderful roleplaying. These are the moments that every veteran roleplayer hopes they will experience..
This event was absolutely amazing. The way MJ sets everything up is just great, the battles and all the plots really feel authentic.
Everything about the event was amazing.. Even though it was freezing cold and everyone was kind of bummed because of that.. Everyone helped in making it a wonderful experience!!
Sunday was also amazing. The rebellion thing went off so well. It was one of those MJ moments where I almost felt like I was in some epic movie. This event was just great.

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