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Today in Eldyrwood is the 8th Day of the Storm Moon, 523rd Harvest A.L.


This is the revised edition of our rulebook, updated February 18th, 2013. The .pdf version here is up-to-date. The updated print version is also now available on our Lulu store.

The Mythical Journeys II rulebook is available as a free PDF download as well as a 198 page perfect-bound book with a full color cover (the world map is on the back cover), illustrated with black and white photographs.

The sale and shipping of the rulebook is being handled by the printer, not by us. The price is $15, plus shipping. To order, go to:

The rulebook on www.lulu.com or
Our store on www.lulu.com
(also includes other books as we make them available, currently including the books of Fortune and Radiance)

We also have created a deluxe edition of the rulebook, which has the same content, but hardbound and with all the interior art in color. The cost is $62 (color printing is expensive! we are making less on this than on the regular version). You can find it in our store on www.lulu.com

The out-of-game library also contains other useful references, including a Quick Start Guide to the rules, guides to weapon construction, racial and regional packets, and much more. (The rulebook can also be found there; it is the same version that is linked from this page.)

You can also download our rulebook as a PDF file.

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