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Today in Eldyrwood is the 28th Day of the Planters' Moon, 523rd Harvest A.L.


The yeti costumes were GREAT and the timing of there appearance was good with the snow everywhere
An absolutely great game, awesome fighting, lots of tremendous RP experiences, the little module was a blast. One of the best MJ weekends I’ve ever had...
...Best RP scene of my life, not just at MJ but in all 20 yrs I have been doing RPGs
...great job scaring the crap out of us a number of times this event. I felt that an extra step was taken for atmosphere in a number of situations, and it really did show.
they did an AMAZING job! they made sure that the new players had plots that we could handle, as well as making sure we had alot of fun roleplay at the same time. when they knew they were fighting new players they made sure to make their in-game and real world skills match our own so we werent romped into the dirt, but still had a good challenge.

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