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Today in Eldyrwood is the 7th Day of the Dark Moon, 522nd Harvest A.L.

"Having played medieval fantasy combat live roleplaying games throughout the Northeastern United States for ten years and with experience in eight different game systems, I feel confident in saying that this Mythical Journeys event was the most professional I have yet attended"  
- Metagame Magazine.

Over the years we have seen a lot of hype on whose live role-playing game is the best out there. Some games gauge their success on the number of chapters they have or how fast their chapters are given away versus the quality in each chapter.

Every game is different and we encourage our members to try other systems to see what is best for them. We make no claims that we are the best out there - we allow our members to boast those claims for us.

Our goal is to entertain you in a live setting in ways you have never dreamt possible - to leave nothing to your imagination. To do this we solicit your post-event input in the form of feedback letters. These letters tell us what you liked and disliked about the event and what you would have done differently to make the event better. We then use this information to see what we are doing right and where we need to make adjustments to improve your next experience with us. It is your thoughts and ideas that have helped to shape this game world in a manner that is precisely what you want to see.

Below you will find a list of excerpts from our member feedback letters sorted by year. These comments are the participants own words (and may contain grammar and spelling errors) describing their daring adventures and what they thought of their Mythical Journeys experience. Read on to see what our members are saying about us.

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'...Let me conclude by saying that we all had a really great time at this MJ event. The plots were intricate and complex, there was a lot of action, and we all couldn't wait for the next thing to happen. MJ is what many other live action games should be and aren't. Congratulations on putting together such a professional organization in such a short amount of time. MJ is better after three events than many other games that have been around for years. Keep up the good work  '
'You guys are doing great. You continue to prove to me how much you care about you players with the continous streamlining and clarification of the rules.  '
'My first LARPing experience with you was a blast and I had a wonderful time. Keep up the good work.  '
'I'd also like to take this time to say thanks for one hell of a weekend. i had a blast. I brought my brother up with me this time and he's completely hooked, he also had a wonderful time. the attack on the town at the end was excellant. thought i had the drop on a giant-kin only to get my ass handed to me from behind. I must have ate dirt 15 times that weekend  '
'Experiences like this last event make me understand why MJ, unlike the other 7 or 8 LARPS in this area, doesn't have significant staffing problems. Everyone is made to feel as if they are contributing to something very special, not just collecting $50 from the players and going through the motions on a storyline going nowhere, or a plot which is spoon-fed to the players...I'm hooked. I will return. Even if I only swing for 1 with a 2-handed sword ;-)  '
'Overall, I have to say this was a terrific weekend. In my opinion the staff had listened to some of issued that were brought up in the previous Post Event Letters and had gone a long way towards addressing these issues. I saw many ways that new players were brought into the action and were made to feel as if they were an integral part of the action. Not only that, but the weekend was fun. I had a great time. Thank you, again, for delivering an experience that has more depth, more levels, and more twists than any I have experienced in any other venue. I am serious when I say each of you should be patting yourselves and each other on the back for providing events that are unsurpassed by any other game. Please keep your staff and cast happy, for they help make Mythical Journeys the game against which I judge all other Live Role Playing Games. You are to LARP what Disneyland is to amusement parks. Thanks again and keep up the great work!  '
'This was the best larp event I've ever attended! Those adept at stealth had the opportunity to use it. Those who wanted to fight could do as much as they dared.  '
'I got to play the character, which I really wanted to do. It is nigh impossible to roleplay in most boffer LARPs because the majority of people are stick jocks. You have managed to create a feel in your game which will hopefully last even after many events  '
'As a long-time game designer, I am very opinionated on this. :-) Let me FIRST say that your system was GREAT and resolved MANY (MOST?) of the worst problems I have encountered.  '
'I just wanted everyone to know that this was my first event and that I had the best time imaginable! Everyone made me feel welcome and was very helpful in getting me started on what I hope to be a long term hobby. Many players were quick to help and show me the ropes for my first time in Freehold, as well as the cast who did an incredible job keeping me busy and informed...  '
'I was very impressed by the courteous and friendly welcome I received from everyone in the game. From the moment I arrived before game began people were asking how I heard about the game and offering advice. Once I was in game, I did not see anything like the wall which veteran players in other games often build up to exclude new players from their circle -- I was welcomed into discussions, meetings, and other happenings throughout the game. You made the game a blast.  '
'The event for me was great. I had a great time getting involved in one hell of a plot line. I must say that you guys have some FANTASTIC long term plots.  '
'Before I say anything else, let me say this. This was our first event and we enjoyed it so much. We plan to come to many more.  '
'We went outside the tavern (right about dusk) and said jokingly 'It's boring out here too!' Within seconds of saying these fateful words we were set upon by a group of imps which promptly knocked most of our party asleep or in pain. Ironic, eh?  '
'Had the best time ever. I actually achieved some character goals and networked with a LOT of people. Action packed weekend, right down to getting lost in the woods--as usual.  '
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