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Today in Eldyrwood is the 7th Day of the Dark Moon, 522nd Harvest A.L.

"Having played medieval fantasy combat live roleplaying games throughout the Northeastern United States for ten years and with experience in eight different game systems, I feel confident in saying that this Mythical Journeys event was the most professional I have yet attended"  
- Metagame Magazine.

Over the years we have seen a lot of hype on whose live role-playing game is the best out there. Some games gauge their success on the number of chapters they have or how fast their chapters are given away versus the quality in each chapter.

Every game is different and we encourage our members to try other systems to see what is best for them. We make no claims that we are the best out there - we allow our members to boast those claims for us.

Our goal is to entertain you in a live setting in ways you have never dreamt possible - to leave nothing to your imagination. To do this we solicit your post-event input in the form of feedback letters. These letters tell us what you liked and disliked about the event and what you would have done differently to make the event better. We then use this information to see what we are doing right and where we need to make adjustments to improve your next experience with us. It is your thoughts and ideas that have helped to shape this game world in a manner that is precisely what you want to see.

Below you will find a list of excerpts from our member feedback letters sorted by year. These comments are the participants own words (and may contain grammar and spelling errors) describing their daring adventures and what they thought of their Mythical Journeys experience. Read on to see what our members are saying about us.

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'After dinner we went over to collect some Drider eggs with some treasure hunters and a large portion of the Militia. At least, that was the plan, anyway. What we found instead was the BOACONDA. I'm going to say this and I don't say this lightly - BEST THING I'VE SEEN AT A LARP, EVER. I've been to quite a few LARPs and this was just absolutely amazing. You guys really outdid yourself here.  '
'What else can I say but WOW! My first experience at MJ and it was great! In the first night there were more battles with groups of plague weavers and serpent cultists than I could have anticipated, and it was awesome. I was extremely impressed with the enthusiasm and morale of most of the players and cast even when it came down to endless waves of enemies in the downpour! And for the myself and the rest of the new player group, our quest to complete a ritual was an arduous one but in the end we suceeded against all odds. The greatest instances we encountered include the attack on the abbey and fighting side by side with the chalice knights of fortune to defend the high preistess against the plague weavers, the great battle in front of the library defending the tavern from the hydra, and the surprise attack by fiends and heretics during the town court! All in all it exceeded my expectations and I will definetly be returning for more.  '
'My first event was such a wonderful experience. From the moment I arrived to help with setup until I left I kept meeting great people. I've played in a few LARP systems and have never felt more immersed.  '
'I had a lot of fun and I can't help but compare this to [another LARP] which I have played for about 9 years. I was amazed at the depth of detail, from the quality of cast costuming and makeup and weapons, to the little details of props in the Tavern, and actual people being there in the background as ambiance rather than just walking in to quickly find someone and then leaving just as quickly. I was very impressed with the dedication of the cast. That alone made this event stand out for me. Also, having cast out in the woods basically waiting to be found and interacted with was a huge change of pace. Good stuff.  '
'Durring the summer, I tried a couple other larps but you know what? They have nothing on mythical journeys. I love mj's rule system, people, and plot so much better...everyone is soo much friendlier at MJ. It is excellent, I just can't help but to brag about it wherever I go! I just want to take a minute to thank cast and players for such a wonderful larp, I can't wait  '
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