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"Having played medieval fantasy combat live roleplaying games throughout the Northeastern United States for ten years and with experience in eight different game systems, I feel confident in saying that this Mythical Journeys event was the most professional I have yet attended"  
- Metagame Magazine.

Over the years we have seen a lot of hype on whose live role-playing game is the best out there. Some games gauge their success on the number of chapters they have or how fast their chapters are given away versus the quality in each chapter.

Every game is different and we encourage our members to try other systems to see what is best for them. We make no claims that we are the best out there - we allow our members to boast those claims for us.

Our goal is to entertain you in a live setting in ways you have never dreamt possible - to leave nothing to your imagination. To do this we solicit your post-event input in the form of feedback letters. These letters tell us what you liked and disliked about the event and what you would have done differently to make the event better. We then use this information to see what we are doing right and where we need to make adjustments to improve your next experience with us. It is your thoughts and ideas that have helped to shape this game world in a manner that is precisely what you want to see.

Below you will find a list of excerpts from our member feedback letters sorted by year. These comments are the participants own words (and may contain grammar and spelling errors) describing their daring adventures and what they thought of their Mythical Journeys experience. Read on to see what our members are saying about us.

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'Everything about the event was amazing.. Even though it was freezing cold and everyone was kind of bummed because of that.. Everyone helped in making it a wonderful experience!!  '
'...this event was my best ever!!!!!!!!  '
'...One of my best events. I can't tell you guys how happy I am to be back.  '
'This was my first event ever, and I do have to say it was all that I expected and more. The way that everything is set up really makes you feel like you really are someone else fighting in a different world. It's amazing the adrenalin you can get from just a game!  '
'I’ll bet everyone is saying the same thing, but it bears repeating: Cast did a fantastic job. A fanatic job, even!  '
'Well, I have to say that was one of the best events ever. I love to just hang out and be in character in game, but this event I never stopped doing things for a moment. I just went from event to personal plot to big battle to event to personal plot to...  '
'Totally one of the best events I've ever been to, perhaps the best.  '
'I have never seen freakier looking zombies than the ones at this event. The way you all moved in that unnatural way sent a chill down my spine.  '
'The undead attack on Sat. was also very well handled. We must have killed over 100 undead. They just kept coming, it built a real feeling of hopelessness and desperation. Plus it helped me live out some of my Romero fantasies.  '
'The ice cave was awesome. The walls were perfect there was no doubt that we were surrounded by ice and the Yetis were the coolest creatures I have ever encountered. I am glad beyond measure that I was one of the lucky to get into those caves.  '
'Un-freakin'-real. This last event was one of the best events I have had in a long time, and now I find out you did it on a skeleton (pun fully intended) crew.  '
'The event was very well coordinated. The cast did an OUTSTANDING job; I was shocked to learn that there were only 28 cast members. Impressive! The setup of the modules were great and the defense of the obelisk saturday night was like something out of Braveheart. It was really intense and easy to get into. Once again, great job!  '
'Best event yet, the zombie raid was fantastic, the clash when the peasants and townsfolk met was a rush. The only thing that was missing was snow. just kidding  '
'I absolutely loved the battles with the dark queen's guards. They weren't disgustingly hard, they were a good challenge and that made them perfect. And the waves after waves was great. I also enjoyed fighting the peasants, because due to some good roleplaying by the cast, I actually felt a little guilty that we were slaughtering them.  '
'You really put the opportunities to advance characters, but leave it up to us to find them. That's much better than being force fed what we want. I really enjoy the active thinking we have to do in order to stay up to date with the game.  '
'The kobold caves were such a blast! I must have gone in there a dozen times looking for good kills and money but usually ending up face down on the pile of bodies of my friends. They were so cool, luring us inside by throwing money at us and being so little and cute... but as soon as we turn around the bend we get attacked by what seamed by 20 of them! Awesome job people.  '
'...the props in general were really well made and beleiveable, ive never roleplayed before, and mythical journeys made it really easy, interesting, and fun.  '
'...the ice cavern environment was totally amazing looking it was awesome  '
'What a terrific event! The cast did such an overwhelming job making sure there was lots of roleplaying and adventure to be had at almost all times. The intensity meter for action this event was off the scales. It was just that good. You didn't have to seek out cast interaction- if anything you had to try and find someplace to go to get away from all the action. Great job!  '
'The crypt was great, swinging across the pool of acid! Double crossing the evil guy in the crypt. waking up in the crypt with a dark figure standing over me...  '
'I am so impressed at the level of Roleplaying that currently exists at MJ. It's awesome!!  '
'This was easily my favorite event thus far!! It had EVERYTHING - big battles, little battles, face role-playing, meetings/debates, our own module, oh so much .. Man! I can't go the entire summer without MJ. How do you guys do it?!?  '
'MJ should be recognized as one of the most well crafted games ever. It deserves to be as distinguished as any leading RPG of our time.  '
'Fantastic event, really a solid production, the events get better and better...I love the great interplay from the NPC's, and the fantastic players. Even if your not involved in a plotline there is always something to do all over the town. The depth of adventure at MJ is staggering.  '
'As always you guys go out of your way to make the games as interesting and enjoyable as possible.  '
'I can honestly say that this was one of, if not THE best event, I have ever been to in all the years I have been coming to MJ. Outstanding job, guys!! Thanks!  '
'My first event was immense fun, but this was even better.  '
'It's obvious to me that Mythical Journies spends a great deal of time and energy creating a game atmosphere that is as realistic as possible while remaining as safe as possible and I didn 't think I could have a better time than I did at my first event. But I did.  '
'This was my first event and it was better than I ever expected it to be. I plan on attending these events as long as they exist.  '
'I just want to say great job to all the cast and players of the event! I had tons of fun and ... It was such a lively, friendly and encouraging environment and I can't wait to go again!  '
'The zombie Crypt was great, swing across a pool of acid to save both my friends and retreve the chest on the other side was the most fun I've had in a module yet... It was the best event I've been too yet. They just keep getting better and better.  '
'I'm constantly impressed by MJ's efforts to improve an already awesome gaming experience.  '
'This was one of the best...the perfect way to follow up the May blizzard. Great fights and marvelous roleplaying opportunities on every level. I'm still trying to "come down". I appreciated the plot opportunities and the range of activities that you guys sent out there. Simply amazing... Overall, an A++  '
'This was the best event I have ever attended. I was busy the whole time and never once had time to sit around bored. Awesome event, well done.  '
'I will start by saying that I love MJ. In my opinion it is without a doubt the best game out there right now. MJ events have been the best events I ever attended.  '
'The blue flame module was outstanding, one of the best modules I've ever been in. The voice effects by Brian made it even more creepy.  '
'...yet again I had an unbelievable time...even with the snow and the freezing weather.  '
'Combat was challenging but safe and definitely enjoyable. I had some encounters and opponents that were easily defeated, some that were a challenge, and some that just rolled right over me. It was perfect.  '
'WYSIWYG is the best thing ever. I got so tired of asking 'What do I see' at other games, it was great to never have to do it at MJ. The props were also very cool.  '
'Mythical Journeys has now become the ideal against which all of my previous LARPing experiences have been measured. I have played a number of games including many years of [Larp Game] , a [Larp Game] event and a number of [Larp Game] events in 1998 and 1999, which until this past weekend, had been the best of my LARP experiences. Three days in Massachusetts, snow and all, took my gaming experiences to a whole new level. Attention to detail was great. Costuming was great. The props were great. The NPC's were great. The PC's were great...Yeah, the weather made things a little tough, but I had more activity in one day of cold, wet, muddy, snowy game play than I did in entire weekends at other games. Thanks for presenting a LARPer who had considered retiring, with a game that has rejuvenated my interest in donning my armor.  '
'I appreciate everytrhing you guys do that make this game fun. Great job this weekend I look forward to cutting you guys down next event :) (we feel the love... thanks!)  '
'The game was handled very professionally, whenever I needed help I was immediately directed to the person I needed to speak with and matters were taken care of very swiftly  '
'Wow - you guys are really into making this a better; more robust game! I love it!  '
'...in the module building seeing the swinging swords from the ceiling for the first time - I was in awe...  '
'...the April event at MJ was one of the most entertaining events that I have ever been a part of...  '
'The tavern was incredible, I could not believe how great it looked. I was really able to stay IG, and the tavern wenches were classic...  '
'The Vet's were so much fun to hang around, the way they stayed in character. The plots were incredible, it was like living a D and D book. I liked that there were many sub plots to be involved in.you were only limited to what YOU did not do. If you wanted to do something, there was something to do. I like how the staff were a mixture of serious player but more importantly there were many funny situations...the module cabins, I never thought you could make stuff so cool.  '
'...I was blown away by the depth of the plots, the characters (staff) and how nice the other players are...  '
'The atmosphere was great, the people were nice, the music was good, and great food. [reference to the Wayward Tavern]  '
'You guys did a bang up job!  '
'...Dark and spooky. The module building has fantastic potential and I hope you will continue to exploit it.  '
'...I did have a great time this weekend. An excellent time, as good or better than I did at [OTHER GAME], for example. The plots were entertaining. The monsters were amusing and frightening. The attention all players received was admirable, particularly considering our swelling numbers...You run a fine game, and I'm damn impressed.  '
'in short the cast and staff can easily be seen to put in a lot of care and consideration for the game "quality is the #1 ingredient in the mj recipe"  '
'The game was easy to learn. It was mentally stimulating. And in my strongest opinion the game offers a "service" to players that they can have no where else...  '
'To an amatuer Larpist, the event was anything and everything but boring  '
'Highlights? For me finding out all there was to DO! Consider that I paid real world money to sit... in the freezing rain... in a cloak standing guard over some arguing clerics... and I loved it!  '
'I really liked the fact that MJ was taliored to me, I was part of my own quest the first night i was there, how cool is that!  '
'I had a blast and am suffering severly from MJ withdrawl. The whole two days seemed like a week!  '
'WOW!! I really love this game to the point where I have become addicted.  '
'I think the whole event was the coolest thing I ever did. After my first time I can't wait for the next one. This will be the toughest month of my life.  '
'Overall I will say it [The Event] rates a 10 out of 10 due to the planning and dedication of the cast and owners. Everything was in place and ready to go once we checked in.  '
'Loved the traps, it was like running through an old nintendo game...  '
'There were a ton of you [Cast] this event, and I can imagine that dealing with a massive number of players was tough, but hot damn you guys rocked. Like the battle with the Queen soldiers on Sunday, now that was some awesome stuff...  '
'I have to say that I was quite pleasantly surprised at the roleplaying and the quality of costuming among the new players. It was really cool.  '
'Thank you to all of the cast who I had the great chance to interact with. You were all excellent and very soft with your hits...I cant wait until next event.  '
'This was my first LARP experience, and I am deffinitly hooked. : ) I was amazed by the quality of acting...All the cast was awesome. Everyone did such a great job...Thanks for an incredible weekend! I can't wait for the next event!  '
'I'd like to thank the Cast right off in there professionalism, I have been LARPing for 11 years and this is the tops as far as I am concerned. The players were a blast, plenty of that old school bravado added to my "newbie" fire.  '
'Great event, good amounts of fighting and role playing...  '
'...When it was all over, I was still very very tired. 11 hours of sleep has helped, but not as much as I would have expected. This is the very sign of a great event!  '
'I can honestly say that this was the best event I have been to, with the possible exception of the November of '99 event, where we got kicked out of Fiendhold=)  '
'...I found many other things that helped me have such a great time, I owe that to the planning of the management and the dedication of the cast, as well as the great role-playing of the players.  '
'I would like to thank all the staff again for a fun packed weekend, Thank You all.  '
'I too would like to thank the staff of MJ for an incredible start to the year. This has been the best event I have attended in 9 years of larping! Bravo! Also I would personally like to thank the Cast! You have set a new standard of excellence in roleplay and physical endurance. Thanks for making the game SOOOO much fun  '
'...Thanks guys and girls, I had a FANTASTIC time and can't wait for the next event!!! Not only did I get the chance to experience and develope my creative side, but I also got the chance to interact with all of the owners and make alot of new friends. That, above all else, was most important to me and is why I'm gonna keep going back. You guys run a great game!!! I know I speak for everyone when I say thanks!!!  '
'This event was, without a doubt, the best event overall that I've ever been in. I had a blast through the entire thing. Everything about it was perfect, in my opinion. Thanks to the cast and staff for doing their best and giving it 150% like they always do......You guys all rock, and I look forward to the next event. I'm sure you can top it, but it will be a challenge considering how great it was.  '
'Awesome module!!! Damn pendulum traps.  '
'Totally awesome. Shadow realm...what did we do to make cast so very angry with us. I really enjoyed the plot, especially how the shadows were learning and evolving from what we threw at them. Very scary.  '
'The event was so great, I've never seen anything put together so well. The combat was great...  '
'Mythical Journeys was great. I liked the whole set-up. A definate highlight would be when the wizard who lost his cat Spot took me along with 6 or so other people into the woods to try and find is lost cat spot and he thought that the Gnolls had taken him...  '
'hoo-hah. This was fun. Good players great Cast. The Blue flame quest was a neat idea.The wayward was sweet.  '
'Well this event was my favorite. I was on a role-playing high for sometime afterward. Following around the female shadow was pretty good, but the battles that night were amazing.  '
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