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Today in Eldyrwood is the 7th Day of the Dark Moon, 522nd Harvest A.L.

"Having played medieval fantasy combat live roleplaying games throughout the Northeastern United States for ten years and with experience in eight different game systems, I feel confident in saying that this Mythical Journeys event was the most professional I have yet attended"  
- Metagame Magazine.

Over the years we have seen a lot of hype on whose live role-playing game is the best out there. Some games gauge their success on the number of chapters they have or how fast their chapters are given away versus the quality in each chapter.

Every game is different and we encourage our members to try other systems to see what is best for them. We make no claims that we are the best out there - we allow our members to boast those claims for us.

Our goal is to entertain you in a live setting in ways you have never dreamt possible - to leave nothing to your imagination. To do this we solicit your post-event input in the form of feedback letters. These letters tell us what you liked and disliked about the event and what you would have done differently to make the event better. We then use this information to see what we are doing right and where we need to make adjustments to improve your next experience with us. It is your thoughts and ideas that have helped to shape this game world in a manner that is precisely what you want to see.

Below you will find a list of excerpts from our member feedback letters sorted by year. These comments are the participants own words (and may contain grammar and spelling errors) describing their daring adventures and what they thought of their Mythical Journeys experience. Read on to see what our members are saying about us.

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'PHOENIX!!!! O-M-G. What a fun thing that was!! Amber looked awesome and did an awesome job with it. I love the story line.  '
'This event was an emotional rollercoaster, with some of the best roleplaying opportunities in a long time. I loved it. Thank you all for a great weekend. To those who complain about wanting more action, tell 'em to go to where the stick jocks hang out. This is the kind of event that made MJ such a big part of my life.  '
'What a super fun event! Good weather makes such a difference.  '
'So much to do, so little time...the elemental war looms on our doorstep , and the Destroyer takes more from us everyday.  '
'Another amazing event! I’m unbelievably pumped for the season finale this weekend  '
'Had a very fun time over all. I met a lot of people tried a lot of new things, I feel i will defiantly be more prepared for the next event. Great plots, good fights....  '
'This moon was most hectic, but in an enjoyable fashion....  '
'It was a busy event.  '
'Great event for me personally...  '
'This event was the most amazing event I have been to yet!  '
'This was a fantastic event...so can really enjoy the game easier, or if I’ve finally learned how to play the game, or what, but each event keeps getting better and better.  '
'Holy Mackerel! nuff said.  '
'Seeing Lenora brought me back to my childhood, when I remembered the fear of seeing Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty and Bavmorda in Willow...  '
'The fey are fun to play with. The Zephyr loves me most. And, most importantly, when people actually come together with a common purpose, they can accomplish amazing things, like destroying the God Slayer.  '
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