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Today in Eldyrwood is the 7th Day of the Dark Moon, 522nd Harvest A.L.

"Having played medieval fantasy combat live roleplaying games throughout the Northeastern United States for ten years and with experience in eight different game systems, I feel confident in saying that this Mythical Journeys event was the most professional I have yet attended"  
- Metagame Magazine.

Over the years we have seen a lot of hype on whose live role-playing game is the best out there. Some games gauge their success on the number of chapters they have or how fast their chapters are given away versus the quality in each chapter.

Every game is different and we encourage our members to try other systems to see what is best for them. We make no claims that we are the best out there - we allow our members to boast those claims for us.

Our goal is to entertain you in a live setting in ways you have never dreamt possible - to leave nothing to your imagination. To do this we solicit your post-event input in the form of feedback letters. These letters tell us what you liked and disliked about the event and what you would have done differently to make the event better. We then use this information to see what we are doing right and where we need to make adjustments to improve your next experience with us. It is your thoughts and ideas that have helped to shape this game world in a manner that is precisely what you want to see.

Below you will find a list of excerpts from our member feedback letters sorted by year. These comments are the participants own words (and may contain grammar and spelling errors) describing their daring adventures and what they thought of their Mythical Journeys experience. Read on to see what our members are saying about us.

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'This event was absolutely incredible from start to finish  '
'The very first thing I have to say before I say anything else was how damned AWESOME the forge module was on Saturday with the dwarves and Polarian and the elementals. Holy crap - whoever helped build that thing and set it all up is so talented!! It really looked like real lava - I was so tempted to touch it and see if it was actually warm. And the earth elemental costume guarding the entrance? Just wow. That costume was so realistic - I hope you guys get to use it again. That whole module and ALL the characters inside it... by far the best I've ever seen and experienced. Thank you so much for letting me be involved!  '
'Some of the most intense roleplaying I've ever seen. Amazing job.  '
'You guys did an awsome job! The event was increadible, one of the best ones yet!  '
'The years go bye but the game events get better.  '
'Thanks again for a kick ASS event!!  '
'This event was simply amazing! The amounts of cast I saw all over the place! It seemed like we would be facing one group and it HAD to be all of cast then an equally large group of something else was right on its heels!! Woo hoo well done all!  '
'On Saturday night the hoard of undead let out a groan all at once with a chorus of BRAINS. It sent chills down my back. Good job cast.  '
'this was great.... best larp I've been to.  '
'There are some seriously talented people running the show, and after experiencing/hearing about other LARPs, I’ve come to one important conclusion: MJ or bust!  '
'amazing event, i think the best ever...  '
'Sunday was also amazing. The rebellion thing went off so well. It was one of those MJ moments where I almost felt like I was in some epic movie. This event was just great.  '
'I felt that even as a brand new character, I and my companions were pretty effective in the battles that ensued all over the camp.  '
'As I still feel a bit 'shell shocked' at this time, the only way I can even begin to describe not only my 1t time at MJ, but my first time ever Larping would be: W O W! I came home exhausted, sore, cut, dirty and chilled to the bone, but also giddy, full of awe and amazingly excited to go do it all again. W O W!! Bravo to all!!  '
'MJ puts on one hell of a prodution.  '
'Wow, highlights. This was quite possibly the greatest event I have ever attended in 12 years of LARPing. Friday night was full of running around preparing...Saturday was non stop, I am impressed as to how busy you kept us from the first attack by Chukani worshipers at 9am until the last undead turned to dust at 1:45am. Amazing.  '
'I was busy from the moment I got to the camp until I left.  '
'I can't get over a bad guy with a hand puppet  '
'This was an absolutely AMAZING weekend! I've been an actress for 12 years now, been professionally trained, teach theatre and voice myself, and currently perform often with a semi-professional theatre. With my background in all of the aspects of theatrical production, I believe I can truly appreciate all of the amazing work that goes into creating this unique experience. WOW.  '
'I want to give a giant kudos to the cast of MJ for staying true to the randomness of encounters. Myself and a few other [players] were resting in [our cabin], when we heard a bunch of orcs coming out of the woods...we all stayed quiet… Then, a group of Chukani worshippers came into High Town. Instead of all the cast people breaking character … the orcs, who are trying to reclaim Freehold/Bloodmoon, protected their "home." Those of us hiding in the cabin were greatly amused by the fight between the Chukani-ites and the Orcs...but it also adds to the realism of the Wurld.  '
'THIS WAS THE BEST MJ I'VE EVER BEEN TO. 1,000,000,000,000 Thanks to everyone  '
'Two words can explain this event, "Flawless Victory."...This event had so many twists and turns in it I was intrigued by the plot. Great Job.  '
'This event was definately my favorite. Saturday night and sunday morning were AMAZING. I can't say enough about this event.  '
'AWESOME job to everyone. This is by far one of my favorite events ever.  '
'This event had lots of small plots for the players to get involved with. There were lots of little missions that were sent out for us to accomplish. I thought this was great, I never had too much downtime.  '
'Oh my godness, where do I start? This was an incredible event. I was challenged by my personal plot as well as the circumstances of the world.  '
'The whole event was amazing. there was always something going on, and it was definately my favorite event. there was so much plot going on ...  '
'The cast was great. I have never been to a Live Action RPG before that actually had people that can ACT!!!!!!!  '
'You guys did an excellent job. Thanks for a wonderful time. I can hardly wait for the next event!!! :)  '
'The attack on my cabin by wights was the most memorable. I've never been so honestly scared witless at an event. It was like a scripted movie! Good job all around!  '
'From singing orcs to genies to wights and the faceless four... (Not to mention the unnerving Chukani followers) It was nonstop action. I was involved with so much plot... Thanks for having some great stuff going on!  '
'...The deception and power demonstrated by this attack was worthy of a great dark elven mind. BRAVO. The ensuing chase was not only a hilight of this event, it is a highlight of my Larping career. The chase was agonizing, and neither side was going to give in easily...  '
'The energy of all the cast is always amazing and its alway alot of fun role playing with every one. But the energy of these individuals this event was just boundless, great job guys!  '
'The event was absolutely fantastic! Truly, cast and players all worked very well I thought throughout the event. Truly remarkable work with respect to the cast, especially during the battle  '
'At the start of the event was, upon reflection, one of the more intense battles I think I have ever been involved in at a LARP  '
'A hugely commendable effort from the entire cast. Nothing-- not heat, ticks or injuries seemed to deter them from giving a stand-up roleplaying job.  '
'This battle was intense and very fun. A battle which lasted an hour is unheard of! I loved it.  '
'Well this was my first MJ event, and I have to say I was VERY impressed with the organization, LACK of downtime, and finding out that after a 3 year break from LARP'ing I can still swing a sword and hold my own.  '
'I am very impressed by the organization I see on the part of the ownership and the cast.  '
' The role-playing from everyone involved was intense.  '
' I was overtaken by the sheer immensity of the plots all going on at one time.  '
'The event was awesome. You guys did a great job :) I can’t wait for the next one.  '
'This was a tremendous event. If it were only the good weather, it may still have been the best event of the season. However, the plot and events were so good, it would have still been the best even if it had been cold/rainy/snowy/fire and brimstone, etc.  '
'THANKS again for making this event Unbelieveable.  '
'Usually I do not like to make such a blanket statement without pointing out specific people, but this past event was amazing. EVERYONE was role playing to the hilt and made my time in Freehold that much more enjoyable.  '
'Thanks guys for an AWESOME event!!  '
'Awesome, awesome awesome event!  '
'The cast is doing such a great job. This has been the best season of MJ ever. Guys thank you so much.  '
'I enjoyed myself very much throughout the weekend. The cast was great and worked very hard to create an excellent atmosphere. I liked the fact that there was so much action even though my character was relatively weak! I got to freeze a mages arm solid for ten minutes, that was fun. All in all I enjoyed myself very much and I will be coming back.  '
'I have to say that this was another spectacular event.  '
'Through various plots and interactions. I was heartened to see how much you care about this game; and how much it meant that I had a good time.  '
'Good roleplaying. Since I left and came back; it's like someone dropped a roleplaying bomb up in here. It's all been taken to the next level. Ditto for costuming. Hah freakin' zah.  '
'The overall wide scoping plot of the weekend was well thought out, planned and executed. If there was a glitch, I didn't catch it with my XRay Plot glasses.  '
'Again, a great event, casted by a great cast, ran by great game masters, and every one played their characters well. I actually lost myself into the game again, actually feeling the wrath that one feels when betrayed, had my skin crawl when the Baron rallied the town of Freehold to protect it, and felt nervous when I was walking alone  '
'Overall, a spectacular game. I look forward to the next one with bells on.  '
'You guys [cast] were always darting from one location to the other. I never saw you guys still for a second. That level of energy and dedication is pretty amazing. Great job, guys!  '
'You do a great job executing your events. You treat your players and cast with dignity, encouraging them to rise higher.  '
'Let me tell you, when you have a guy coming 3000 miles to play, you are running an excellent game full of great roleplaying experiences! I will certainly be back, continent or no!  '
'The Nelru entered and had a discussion with her. What an awesome looking creature with the red glowing eye. Very intimidating.  '
'I loved the overall plot for this game. The cast did a great job keeping it a secret. All the wierd stuff happening all day and night was a great idea for a weekend and led to some interesting situations.  '
'Thanks to everyone, players and cast alike, that made it a fun time. My expectations were blown out of the water.  '
'AGH!! I've heard that going to MJ is addictive, but I never thought it would be like this!! I feel like I am on crack or something. When I am not on the website, I am thinking about the event and describing it to people (most of whom are sick of hearing about it). I just saw the pictures right now...and I want to go back more than ever!! The real world just seems so... well, mundane now! :c ] Thanks to everyone at this event for making it so awesome and for hooking me! I can't wait 'til the one day and then August!!  '
'MJ is a good solid well developed game system.  '
'My event was so jam packed of stuff to do.  '
'That event and plot was enough to make every moment I have been involved with MJ worth it. Thank you all so very much.  '
'I had a blast all weekend and everyone was great both fighting and roleplaying wise. Everything was very organized and pretty well thought out...Thanks to everyone it was one of the best larp events I've been to.  '
'...perhaps I am just going overboard with enthusiasm over what was the most enjoyable game experience I have ever had. It was like being in a fantasy comic book world that went and ran amok. Total chaos and surrealism. But fun.  '
'It gets said a lot after every event.But, THIS, WAS, THE BEST! event I have ever been to bar none.In this or any Larp I have ever been to or heard of.  '
'this was my first event and i loved every minute of it...  '
'I want to thank each and everyone who was at the game for the Absolute best event I have ever had at any larp ever.  '
'The roleplaying here was amazing, and it seemed that the people involved really belonged there. This was such an awesome weekend!!! Thanks so much!  '
'The whole event was a highlight for me. There was always something going on and something to do, even if you had to look for it a little bit. I loved meeting people in the tavern and interacting with them there, and I loved being in the midst of battle, healing when I could.  '
'This was my first event in MJ, and i must say it was awesome!  '
'Just on a roleplaying/psychological basis, this was the BEST MJ yet, hands down. [May 2003]  '
'This was the second MJ event that I've attended and I had an even better time than before.  '
'I really am impressed...I like the game most because there always seemed to be alot to do.  '
'Im always surprised at how skillfully MJ is able to run their game. Each time I go I learn something new, different, and exciting. This is why the game is so great, theres always something to do. You just can't get bored at an event.  '
'...this was my first adventure in the town of Freehold. Even though this was my first, I was greatly impressed with the depth of everything that was done for this. Though there is one prob., if it is one, I'm now addicted to Mythical Journeys. Every one there was great, the veteran players were great, the missions were excellent, and I found my self sore, but happy. The staff did a GREAT job with everything. The ladys at the Inn did a great job with what they did, thanks guys!!! I could say more, but I would be rambaling, so, I will cut this short. Thanks to all how had built this...  '
'What a truly amazing event guys. This season has been the best ever, even with the weather. I would like to thank all the cast and their hard work. I’d like to also say to the cast thanks for sticking out the rough weather with us. This event it felt like a real town, all the face roles, extras, and people out in latex. With the step up in costumes and the numbers of cast I felt truly removed form reality and dropped into our little world. Thanks again guys…counting the days till the next event.  '
'...your new player module was so compelling for people and chock full of events! It was excellent, and your roleplaying was terrific! Adding a purpose to your adventures undeniably helps people be more IG, and you did that fabulously for all of us! Thanks for all the effort.  '
'This was the first event I felt overwhelmed by creatures. It was a scary but great feeling to know that MJ can outfit and coodernate the cast. Hats off to you all!!!  '
'this event was the best one i have ever had, and that says alot if you read my old PEL's. Each event just keeps getting better and better, I love it, Good Job Everyone! :)  '
'Standing there I was about 20 feet away from this being before I fled for my life. I don't think I have ever been that scared(or ran that fast)!!  '
'I enjoyed myself very much. The cryptography plot was by far my favorite part of the event. Not the cryptogram itself, but everything that surrounded it - the aquisition of the letters, the secret code phrases. When it was happening I thought to myself "This is what I want to be doing with my character." the shady deals, the secret conspiracies, the masonic handshakes, etc :)  '
'My overall experience of mj is nothing short of spectacular ...  '
'I had a total blast at the event this weekend. I met some awsome people there and had some awsome adventures and jouneys.  '
'For me, MJ is really one of the only places I can come alive. I do more in three days at MJ than I normally do in a month, and just keep coming back for more. Running, walking, fighting, jumping, climbing, danger, suspence... I become an entirely different person (not just my character, mind you.)  '
'...Every time I come to an event I'm blown away, not just by the volume and following that MJ enjoys, but with the way everyone plays their characters.  '
'Everyone stayed in character, from the lowliest kobold rolling on the ground to the mightiest fiend butchering us at every chance. Great event all around, even with the rain and sleet.  '
'Everyone went through great efforts to enhance their costume, living quarters and common areas. I really liked the ambiance of the game as a result.  '
'What I loved most about the event was the openess of people to talk. No matter who I talked to, they were willing to entertain me with some story, anecdote or piece of advice. This made roleplaying my character a lot of fun.  '
'From the lowliest grunts to the most stand-alone characters, everyone demonstrated energy, drive and depth. You know you are going to have a good time when a random monster allows you to roleplay with them into a situation, rather than being simply "random damage". Good work!  '
'I was very impressed with the dedication to roleplaying that everyone demonstrated. No matter who I talked to, everyone had a story to tell. I definitely got the sense that there was a character motivation for what everyone did. Way to go!  '
'After a Mythical Journeys event I am usually so brain-numb from the number of sensations and amount of information that I was bombarded with that I have to think over my experiences at the event, to re-live them in my mind...  '
'For my first event, I thought the rules that I actually dealt with were great. This was one of my best LARP experiences. I thought evryone was friendly and we were sought out for a new player module. These are the things that make gaming fun, when you are made to feel like you are a part of something.  '
'I had heard the rangers lived in their own (overlapping) plot universe, but I was fortunate enough to experience a sliver of it this event. Such depth - I’m hooked!  '
'I finally got to see the Yetis. Oh my goodness- it was absolutely awesome to see the huge creature lumbering through the snow as it crossed the path beyond the lowtown bridge. It oared into the woods, and we saw another one deeper in, along the stream. It was like a bigfoot sighting  '
'The atmosphere was just great by the constant flow of cast. It takes alot of energy to just keep coming back out again and again and again........ It was great and the battles really seemed like a whole army of crazy cultists.  '
'The atmosphere was just great by the constant flow of cast. It takes alot of energy to just keep coming back out again and again and again........ It was great and the battles really seemed like a whole army of crazy cultists.  '
'Our party grew by two, one an experienced LARPer, but a first time MJ player, the other only having had a few previous experiences with LARPs, all of them bad. Seeing the looks on their faces over the course of the weekend as they experienced what makes MJ such a great game was really great to see. It made me think about how my own jaw must have been on the ground at my first event. I enjoyed seeing the game through their eyes.  '
'This event was absolutely amazing. The way MJ sets everything up is just great, the battles and all the plots really feel authentic.  '
'The yeti costumes were GREAT and the timing of there appearance was good with the snow everywhere  '
'This weekend could have been a flop with the weather conditions, and any lesser game it would have. The cast made this event a smashing success. If all the cast were on my payroll, you would all get double time for the dedicated performance you put out. There was never a dull moment. Not 30 minutes went by without a roleplaying or combat opportunity showing itself. I applaud your performance, and more importantly thank you for giving me such a memorable event.  '
'This event was incredible. Though the weather was freezing and there was a ton of snow on the ground the nonstop action was amazing. The cast did a wonderful job! You guys are the best!!!  '
'The undead attack on Saturday night and the attack on Sunday morning where amazing.. it made everything feel real. I enjoyed it.  '
'This event was a lot of fun. There was never a dull moment since i think the longest break there was between fights was about an hour at best. I've never been this tired before.  '
'Wow, there certainly was a lot of action this weekend. The waves upon waves of cultists on Satyrsday was certainly a highlight. This being my first event, its hard to pin down particular events other than the semingly non-stop battles that ravaged us the entire weekend. It was an unbelievable experience and i cannot wait until the next event. I'm still looking behind my back.  '
'...this event rocked regardless of the snow.  '
'The cast did a great job of scaring the heck out of everyone, especially at night, and the army at the end of the event was fantastic!  '
'Keep the events just like this one....It rocked!...Ok..Get rid of the ice and cold...Then perfect!  '
'This is in the top 5 of LARP events I have ever been too. And I have been playing LARP's since early 1990 (maybe 89 cant remember) With the weather conditions as they were..they action and roleplaying were non-stop. The cast were absolutely incredible, and the owners put together one hell of a weekend plot. Thank you all!  '
'I had no idea they could cram so much stuff in one event, but leave it up to the MJ guys to pull it off!  '
'THANK YOU MJ for having the guts to try new ideas and possible ways to improve your game. I know how much resistance there can be to change especially as time goes on. Some changes I like and some I don't just like everyone else, but what I REALLY value in a larp is the constant desire for self-improvement and the willingness to try new things.  '
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